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Access in Montana

Journalists and other citizens frequently run up against closed doors in their search for information and access, often because they’re simply not aware of their rights. The Montana Journalism Review and the Montana Freedom of Information Hotline offer this updated guide (revised March 2016) to educate journalists and citizens about public access to local, state and federal government.

Questions and responses in this guide were culled from questions journalists have already asked the Montana FOI Hotline, operated by a coalition of news media to monitor, ensure and enforce the public’s right to know. The Meloy Law Firm of Helena answers a full range of questions on government access at 406-442-8670. The firm may be accessed through the FOI Hotline Website or by email to

This guide should in no way substitute for legal guidance from the FOI Hotline. The purpose of the FAQ is to serve as a guide that will answer basic access questions. It should also help journalists narrowly define inquiries they might make to the Hotline. Complex issues should always be referred to either the Hotline or the news organization’s legal counsel.

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Montana Media Resources

You can find additional information and resources provided by Montana’s news media at Montana Newspaper Association and Montana Broadcasters Association

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Give us a call today and don’t be left in the dark tomorrow. Montana FOI Hotline attorney, Peter Michael Meloy: (406) 442-8670